Korean Taekwondo Vocabulary
Learn a little bit of hangeul and some Korean vocabulary related to taekwondo.

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Professional Female Martial Artists

  1. Cynthia Rothrock, Martial Arts/Action Film Star
    Cynthia Rothrock is not only a great action star, but also an incredibly accomplished martial artist. She holds 5 Black Belts in various Far Eastern martial disciplines. These Arts include; Tang Soo Do (Korean), Tae Kwon Do (Korean), Eagle Claw (Chinese), Wu Shu (contemporary Chinese), and Northern Shaolin (classical Chinese).
  2. Jennifer Lawler, Ph.D., Author and Teacher
    Jennifer Lawler is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, martial arts teacher, and the author/co-author of more than 25 published non-fiction books.
  3. Lisa King, Muay Thai Kick Boxer
  4. Valerie Lee, Instructor and Licensed Acupuncturist
    Sifu Valerie Lee is a head instructor at Gold Mountain Kung Fu School (San Francisco) and a licensed acupuncturist. Valerie teaches Long Fist, Chen Taiji, and weapons classes at various schools and at San Francisco State University.
    When I first began teaching I thought that as a woman I would attract mainly female students. In fact, my class in the park is made up of male students. Women can especially excel in our kung fu style because a considerable amount of physical strength is developed from the legs and hips. Given the ability to give birth, their hips are about the strongest part of their bodies; therefore they are likely to have the fortitude to thrive with this training.
  5. Carol Middleton, Founder of DC Self Defense Karate Association
    Sensei Carol Middleton is a 7th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and founder of the DC Self Defense Karate Association (which teaches Taekwondo).
  6. Members of the National Women's Martial Arts Federation
    A lot of female instructors here.
  7. ABT Taekwondo and Hapkido.
    A lot of female instructors here.

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Women in the Martial Arts

Self Defense for Women

Taekwondo Physics

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